Welcome!  My site is still in the beginning stages.  As you can see I only have a few recipes, so I ask for your patience while I post them one by one.

I dedicate these pages to my sister Sandy who used to call me every Thanksgiving for step by step instructions on how to cook her entire Thanksgiving meal.  She doesn’t call me anymore, because her daughter Jennifer has grown and has taken over the holiday cooking.  And to my daughters Tricia and Karen, who never write anything down.  Now all of my recipes will be just a click away.  And my grand-children who I love spending time with in the kitchen, teaching them the basics of cooking.  And last, but certainly not least, my husband Jeff who will often say after tasting a new creation, “This one’s a keeper; you better go get a pen and paper right now and write it down before you forget how you made it.”  He’s right, if I don’t write it down that day; I will forget what and how much I put in the recipe.

I have a passion for creating and cooking all types of foods.  I often use my friends and family as my taste testers.  I have never gone to culinary school or had any formal training.  I just enjoy cooking for others and using my imagination to create everyday recipes that are easy to follow.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and come back to my site from time to time; to check out my newest creations.

Debra Arnold (Craig)


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